Angel Smith

 Angel is a multimedia artist under the stage name Ace. She is a major in African and African American studies at Stanford University repping Chicago with her whole heart. Angel writes with and for her ancestors as well as the black people imagining liberation from the settlement of our bodies by colonial powers. Her current projects focus on the alchemy of love recognizing the ritual power accessible when we meditate on healing the dissonance between body and earth. As a member of ESO she seeks to spread the knowledge that we are all part of a collective consciousness that we call the universe.

Allen Smith

Allen is an artist in the production of music, lyricism, and creates visual art for the ESO collective. Allen studies Cognitive Science at the University of Southern California and reigns from the Chicagoland area. Allen strives to put truth into and build story from his music through experiences in order to elicit introspection in listeners! Hismusic centers around rap and lo-fi influenced sounds. The youngest of the collective, Allen typically manages social media and marketing.

Blake Simone

Blake is a vocalist, song writer, and a visual artist. She uses mystical ideology to inspire her creativity and to give purpose to her work. She is a healer whose found purpose in enlightening, inspiring, and encouraging people through the art that she creates. Most of her art is centered around exposing different aspects of consciousness, and uplifting the feminine spirit throughout society.

Brent Bonner

Brent is a creator who specializes in music, illustration, and lyricisism. His art reveals the world through an introverted mind while remaining conscious of other perspectives. Brent shares his life experience in the same way a good friend would walk into the street first so you don’t have to worry about the cars. Enjoy the cinematic reality of someone who does whatever he wants.


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